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Age 23

height 5′9

can play guitar but is really their graphic designer

Originally from Yakutsk Sakha Republic Russia but spent most of his life in Fairbanks Alaska

Feodor despite being able to sub in for guitar and being in a band in the past his real talent lies in graphic design for the band

born in the SIberian city of Yakutsk (the coldest city in the world)he and his family emigrated to Fairbanks Alaska when he was two growing up he showed an interest in both art and music and showed promised in each after graduating high school he went to LA to studyh graphic design and hada band on the side he was then discovered yet it was the art ability which really convinced the Bombers to recruit him

He is also increadibly annoyed by the fact Riot is apprentaly in love with him like your “charisma” is not impressing me, go away

facts and shit

is not a main part of the band but is such an important part I had to do a profile

is the first gay male in the series

very posessive of his laptop (thinks everyone is going to delete his stuff)

also the first person that doesn’t fall for Riots flirting (although Jem is relieved he at least likes someone else)

may seem like techrat but is much more socially open then him (and he genuinally does care about the band quite deeply actually
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Age 26

height 5′5

from Washington DC

bass guitar

The mother bear of the group despite her intimidating apperence due to her many piercings and tattoos is one of the nicest charecters in the series this may be due to the fact she is the only charecter to have a child she is also the only engaged charecter being so to their current manager

born into a Sicilian family in a meh neighborhood Gina first started playing the guitar when she was in 7th grade out of highschool she ended up fronting a band and met her now fiance

however one thing led to another and she ended up getting pregnant despite being only 22 at the time she decided to keep them with her leaving the band temporarly to do so unfourtuntatly she leaves the said band once she realizes they are treating her differently for having a child while not being married

for a while her and her husband and child haveto live in a one room apartment while raising money to move to LA Leon ends up being the one to disocver her while she is performing at a bar

facts and shit

is pretty much the only one who can get Amy to shut up

one of the few charecters who just want the bands to get along and is nice to everyone

however she is truly terrifying if you try to hurt her band or child (ESPECIALLY her child)
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Casey Parsons

age 24:

height 5′11


from Sacramento California

Casey is notorious for being increadibly high energy people often remark that someone like him is born for the drums sadly he is also known for keeping people up super late within the band as well

even as a child Casey was known for his high energy levels and was frequently bullied for it he evantually met Peri who was his only friend for a while until he had to move back to Sacremento he started out as a singer but soon found out he was quite a prodigy with the drums and joined a band once reconnected with Peri


Yes he is indeed meant to have ADHD (I have it too so its partially based on experience)

has to see every superhero movie and no one would ever go with him to one again after he insisted on giving Fantastic 4 (and he ended up getting kicked out for heckling the charecters)
he and Peri are so close that multiple people ask if they are dating yet

the big male drama king of the series (Riot doesnt scream every other word)
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age: 23

Height 5′10


from Hartford Connecticut

Peri is the resident eccentic of the band and suprisingly the main songwriter she is one of the more socially awkward charecters obsessed with Godzilla and telling people about her theories of the loch ness monster and the mothman being real she is also basically joined at the hip with Casey (the drummer ) and they are quite insufferable together

Much like a few other charecters Peri had a not so great childhood born into a ultra wealthy family it was made clear from the beginning that her parents love was conditional in that she was expected to be a proper heiress unlike Pizzazzs parents who were never around Peris were always around to keep tabs on her to make sure she stayed in line in elementry schoold she discovered the keyboard and wanted to play it but her family shunned this seeing this as an improper career in middle school she met Casey who lived there at the time and was the first person who unconditionally accepted her and encouraged her interest in the keyboard she ended up forming a band in secret but her parents found out and kept an even tighter leash on her

when she was 18 she ran away from home to California with only 140 dollars to her name and was reconnected with Casey they joined a band and were evantually discovered by Amy and Leon

her family has essentially written her off as dead to them but she doesnt care since her band is more of a family than they ever were to her

facts and shit

has to be some sort of urban legand monster every year for halloween and isnt allowed to hand out candy anymore after scaring the kids

the aloofness was partially based off Zakuro from Tokyo Mew Mew as she wlll literally walk off mid conversation sometimes

is not meant to be read as Autistic (before you ask i’m autistic myself) but her eccentries are more due to her never having the opperfunity to have a normal childhood

Leon Kazuo

Oct. 17th, 2017 12:28 am
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Leon Kazuo




from Cincinatti Ohio (I have to have at least one charecter from Ohio)

One of the more subdueded members of the band and the second to join Leon had always been playing guitar since he was younger but only recently started playing it professionally he is also insanely good at tennis to the point where no one else on the band will play him (it might also have to do with them accidentally getting hit in the face with the ball a few times with at one point him hitting even Roxy with it, it didnt end well)

He is the second charecter to be transgender (FTM) but is not too open about it due to some negative backlash to it (including his best childhood friend rejecting him) he evantually does become good friends with Blaze


I’ve changed his dealing with his being trans a few times since I was afraid it came across as too insensitive

wasnt able to transition until after high school

The Cincinatti Reds can do no wrong according to him nope none at all also fuck the Cleveland Indians (this is hilarious since i’m from the Cleveland Area and the Indians are second only to the Cavs in my book)

Also has to watch all the major tennis finals every single year.

Amy Ibanez

Oct. 17th, 2017 12:27 am
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Name: Amy Ibanez

Lead singer

age 24

height 5′7

from Bakersfield California

Amy today is known for her diva and sore loser antics but she was not always this way. Born to a Bolivian father and American mother as a child she was quite shy however she had quite a evident talent for music at an early age. in high school she was a member of the schools singing group despite being a backround member to the favored member of the group who always sang lead (yes this is a direct dig at Glee) evantually she left the group becoming much more assertive probably a little too much so. In her early twenties she began what became the bombers and it then began.

facts and shit

highest vocal range in the series

more subdued than Pizzazz actually unless her ego with winning gets in the way.

her and Minx hate each other so much they always have to be kept apart.

did gymnastics when she was younger and still watches it professionally all the time ..
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The Bombers

The Bombers who are referenced to have been in the battle of the bands from the beginning and ended up as a runner from it first appear as an opening act for the Stinger but it turns out oh noes! they have gotten really good in the time since then Much like the Holograms are to the Misfits they end up in a feud with the Stingers when their lead singer insults them over a minor issue. Thus beginning more drama for all three other major bands

some more facts and shit

I made them Stingers rivals because I always wanted them to have a true blood rival.
they don’t have stage names like most of the Holograms.

they are the most co-ed band.

their lead singer can sing higher notes than anyone else in the series (high C).

also their bassist is the only charecter who is engaged or has a kid.

only male drummer or guitarist.


Oct. 17th, 2017 12:20 am
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sorry for being so active now
I've refined the profiles of my IDW fan band The Bombers so I should post them pretty soon.
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Part of me actually wants to do a "what if it were in 2017?" reboot of Konjiki No Gash Bell but i'm not sure how many people remember that show.


Oct. 17th, 2017 12:02 am
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I've been 24 years old for almost a month and my organizational skills still suck


Apr. 1st, 2017 05:16 pm
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sorry for the delay I just cannot think lately
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You know you have issues when certain songs remind you of Jem WAAAY too much same with Doctor Who
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hopefully no one ever reads this
Cora “Nova” Grange
Age 20
Height 4’11
Instrument Violin (electric and acoustic)
Likes: Amadeus Kool Aid pickles the Atlanta Hawks the Stingers musicals
A lot of social situations being short ants and limes
Deepest secret We do NOT talk about her previous band
Amy Ibanez
Age 24
Height 5’7
Instrument singing
Likes Fame professional gymnastics horses origami martial arts movies
Hates losing nectarines skating coffee
Voted most likely to start a feud with someone
Jenni/Leon Kazuo
Age 21
Instrument lead guitar
Likes chess parakeets dodgeball lemonade
Hates pigeeons (can you believe they used to be used in war) snow math social justice warriors
(prior to transition) biggest secret They aren’t sure who they are yet
Peri Murray
Age 23
Height 5’9
Instrument keyboard
Likes sea monsters pop rocks vintage fashion flower arranging
Hates her family fortune telling goths cats
Deepest secret really doesn’t like herself too much
Casey Parsons
Age 22
Height 5’9
Instrument drums
Likes parties superheroes dogs indie movies
Hates puzzles Harry Potter (read another book people! Preferably a better one!) politics and corned beef
Biggest secret really likes art history
Gina Ercolani
Age 26
Height 5’5
Instrument bass guitar
Likes her fiancé (Alonzo) her daughter (Noemi) poetry guinea pigs bad movies
Hates pecans hot air balloons hamsters (aka demon spawn ) medical science and most light night talk shows
Prized posssion do the piercings and tattoos count?
Biggest secret used to write horrible erotic fanfic as a teen that must never see the light of day ever
Feodor Yefmin
Age 23
Height 5’8
Instrument guitar but is more a graphic designer
Graphic design science fiction archaeology baking
Hates attention whores ferrets economics generic vampire shows
Deepest secret guilty pleasure for Married With Children
Alonzo Vallejo
Age 27
Height 5’10
Instrument none more of a manager role
Likes his fiancé and daughter owls skiing Eastern European food (especially soda bread) and the Miami Marlins
Hates white chocolate octopi leg warmers bowling
Deepest secret his family disowned him when they found out his now fiancé was pregnant
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ok to get things rolling here are some mostly IDW Jem headcanons I have
this will be updated

Rapture is a flat earther.
Riot is bisexual and his father disowned him over it.
Pizzazz and Riot are both super loud during sex.
Jetta is secretly super into anime.
Blaze got kicked from at least one band because they coudln't handle she was a trans woman
Rapture is obsessed with Doctor Who(Jetta thinks shes weird)
Stormers and Kimbers families were at least super accepting of their sexualties
Aja and Craig have a verrry active sex life
Roxy was born to a teenage mother


Mar. 23rd, 2017 03:55 pm
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My name is Sarah and I am 23 years old,here is where I hope to post both my precure fanseries and fanfic sporkings.


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