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hopefully no one ever reads this
Cora “Nova” Grange
Age 20
Height 4’11
Instrument Violin (electric and acoustic)
Likes: Amadeus Kool Aid pickles the Atlanta Hawks the Stingers musicals
A lot of social situations being short ants and limes
Deepest secret We do NOT talk about her previous band
Amy Ibanez
Age 24
Height 5’7
Instrument singing
Likes Fame professional gymnastics horses origami martial arts movies
Hates losing nectarines skating coffee
Voted most likely to start a feud with someone
Jenni/Leon Kazuo
Age 21
Instrument lead guitar
Likes chess parakeets dodgeball lemonade
Hates pigeeons (can you believe they used to be used in war) snow math social justice warriors
(prior to transition) biggest secret They aren’t sure who they are yet
Peri Murray
Age 23
Height 5’9
Instrument keyboard
Likes sea monsters pop rocks vintage fashion flower arranging
Hates her family fortune telling goths cats
Deepest secret really doesn’t like herself too much
Casey Parsons
Age 22
Height 5’9
Instrument drums
Likes parties superheroes dogs indie movies
Hates puzzles Harry Potter (read another book people! Preferably a better one!) politics and corned beef
Biggest secret really likes art history
Gina Ercolani
Age 26
Height 5’5
Instrument bass guitar
Likes her fiancé (Alonzo) her daughter (Noemi) poetry guinea pigs bad movies
Hates pecans hot air balloons hamsters (aka demon spawn ) medical science and most light night talk shows
Prized posssion do the piercings and tattoos count?
Biggest secret used to write horrible erotic fanfic as a teen that must never see the light of day ever
Feodor Yefmin
Age 23
Height 5’8
Instrument guitar but is more a graphic designer
Graphic design science fiction archaeology baking
Hates attention whores ferrets economics generic vampire shows
Deepest secret guilty pleasure for Married With Children
Alonzo Vallejo
Age 27
Height 5’10
Instrument none more of a manager role
Likes his fiancé and daughter owls skiing Eastern European food (especially soda bread) and the Miami Marlins
Hates white chocolate octopi leg warmers bowling
Deepest secret his family disowned him when they found out his now fiancé was pregnant


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